Raahub-aat Yasar,
Here are prayers that have been revised and updated that we should continue to practice everyday and at our appointed times of 9am 3pm and 9pm and 3am for those who may be up at that hour. We must continually reach out to out ancestors and they will stay near to us. The Prayer Paa Sadaq Wu Paa Taraq “The Truth and The Way” is an example of this communication. The first 10 lines are the Elders reaching out to their children. The next 9 lines are a response from their children reaching back out to them. Communication, and chanting in the correct tones, not singing, will help you tune back to natural nature.

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From Nubic to Nuwaupic

Raahub-aat Yasar, the attached file below will give you a more in depth explanation about the history of our language from Paa Nabab: Yaanuwn. This is for the enrichment of your knowledge and overstanding of Nubic to Nuwaupic.

And for you listening pleasure below is a sample of our language in a song performed by one of our lovely artists; Sashantat, entitled “The Way”  Let us know what you think.


About Our Language


Raaḣub-aat Yasar “Greetings Family”

We will take a small journey to overstand the importance of speaking in your own Laḣaj “Language”. Many here in the West only know and speak a dialect of English. Unfortunately, this language or tongue is a conglomeration of other languages which is why it is said English is one of the hardest languages to learn.  A language has tones to it, a mixture of flats, sharps and majors. Like the language of Masak “Music” it has an effect on your Khaṫaṫ “Body” and can actually affect your mood, your emotions and your very DNA. When you play music that you do not vibrate with, it makes you feel a certain way, edgy or aggravated or not yourself, not at peace with your inner self. When you listen to music that excites you, makes you happy or soothes you, you feel a different way, yet a good way. Language is the same. The very tones, sounds and vibrations of a spoken language can affect you down to the molecular scale. By that, I mean if you direct any tone or vibration at a container of water or even  free flowing water, the molecules will change shape depending on the tone being played.  If the tones  are negative with negative connotations, such as ‘i hate you’, the configuration of the molecules will have a negative or non symmetrical structure. If it is a positive frequency, or if verbal ‘i love you’,  the configuration will be symmetrical and be considered  positive also. The body is 70% water so think of the affect negative tones, emotions  and vibrations have on the body and your cells. Even thoughts hold weight and give off  good or bad “vibes” or vibrations.

 Here is where our story begins,  as people of ancient Meroe, Egipt or Napata certain tones were Natuqa “Spoken”, Ranuma “Chanted” and Ghanuya “Sung”.  Today this language with its ancient resonance is called Nuwaupuyee “Nuwaupic”. Just like any other language there are variations called dialects. “From Nubic to Nuwaupic”, will teach and explain just that. Previously we were speaking  Nubic, a dialect from the original, Nuwaupic.  Our language has gone through a metamorphosis to what is being presented to you now. We are reaching back to remember our ancient tongue and tones brought to us by The Master Teacher, Paa Nabab: Yaanuwn.

yaanuwn rizqians

There are many people out there who are claiming  to teach Nuwaupic and although their  intentions may be good, they do not realize that “in order to teach, you first must follow”.

The Master Teacher Paa Nabab: Yaanuwn, has been spoon feeding our language back to us in degrees and unlocking the spells placed upon our minds, due to the confusion of the diverse tongues. Yasar “Family”, do not be discouraged by the updates to our language, although this is an ancient language it is alive as well, and progresses and shifts and evolves as we do.  

I hope you will sit back and begin your journey and return to who you are.

 -Paa Mudrartat: Nababtat Ḣaaptat

sabean script

Bellow is an example of our updated script below written by the hand of The Master Teacher. See if you are able to read and/or translate what it says. The transliteration and translation will be provided at another time.

The Aadam-u Salal-Nu